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Director: Jean Pierre Dardenne Luc Dardenne

Genre: Drama

Country:Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Tunisia

Runtime:90 min

Released:16 May 1997

Starring: Jeremie Renier Olivier Gourmet Assita Ouedraogo

Watch The Promise (1996) Online Free

The Promise (1996) Online Free

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The Promise (1996) free online

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Plot:  The Promise 1996 Igor a 15 year old apprentice mechanic spends his off hours at the beck and call of his father Igors father, Roger, is a low life involved with smuggling undocumented immigrants into Belgium, and acts as their slumlord, housing them in barely livable conditions, and paying them menial wages to work construction on his building among other scams When the building inspector pays a surprise visit and Amidou falls off a scaffold in his hurry to hide, things start to unravel, particularly when Igor makes a promise to the injured Amidou that ultimately exposes the different values of Igor and Roger, and of Amidous wife, Assita 

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